Application Procedures
Recruitment Process for being academic staff in UNIKA

- I meet the minimum requirements to be recruited at UNIKA. What should I do? How does the process work?

  1. If you want to be appointed as a lecturer/lecturer at UNIKA, send the "Pre-Application Form" and "Cover Letter" to (Click for the pre-application form)
  2. Your Pre-Application Form will be reviewed by Personal Affairs Office (PAO) of UNIKA and submitted to the International Academic Staff Comission (IASC) of UNIKA.
  3. IASC pre-reviews the pre-application form and approves/declines your application regarding both the need for the academic position you apply for and your academic background.
  4. If you decline, you are informed. If approved, the necessary documents must be prepared and filled out, then sent to “”. (Click for the required documents)
  5. After you send requisite documents, PAO prepares your file and submit it to IASC again. IACS reviews the file and scrutinize all the documents you send. If the file is approved by IASC, UNIKA makes an offer to CoHE to recruit you.
  6. CoHE approves or declines UNIKA's offer and send a pre-approval letter to UNIKA.
  7. The pre-approval letter is uploaded the Ministry of Labor and Social Security's (MoLSS) web system, and the final decision is made by MoLSS.
  8. After the approval by MoLLS, you are hired.