Contract Renewal Procedures
International academic staff need to submit the requisite documents to their faculties at least three months before the expiry of their contracts. The requisite documents to be filled out are as follows:

1- Valid Passport 
2- Academic Activity Report
3-International Academic Staff Information Compilation and Identification Form 
4- Scoring and Evaluation Chart

After submtting the documents to the faculty, the Board of the faculty goes over the documents. If the Board approves the documents, the faculty sends the documents with the decision letter of the Board to the Personnel Affairs Office (PAO). PAO prepares the staff's file to submit International Academic Staff Comission (IASC) and the Board of UNIKA. IASC and the Board goes over all the documents and letters, in the case of approval the staff's file is signed and sent to Council of Higher Education (YÖK). Lastly the contract is renewed and the staff's new ID card is sent.