Mission - Vision
Mission and Vision

Law Decree, the Regulation Directive and the legislation in front of the personal rights of any application as soon as possible to ensure complete and accurate, it is a regular and systematic processing of the system and the work of staff in the performance of their duties to ensure maintaining motivation.

In the process of rapid change in the correct, efficient, orderly, coherent and co-ordinated, inclusive and collaborative, giving importance to human rights, to create a modern administrative structure.

 Powers, Duties and Responsibilities
University established by Law No. 5662 on 29 May 2007 and 51 and 124 of Law No. 2547 of the Personnel Department of Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education Institutions in the top 29 of the Decree-Law on Administrative Organization in pursuant to kurulmuştır.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* University to conduct studies on manpower planning and personnel policy.

* The staff make recommendations for the improvement of the system.

* University staff appointment, personnel and pension affairs operations.

* Pre-service and in-service training of administrative staff to organize and implement programs.

1 Conduct a study on manpower planning and personnel policy of the university, the staff advise on the development of the system.

2 University's academic and administrative staff assignment, separation, retirement and do all the processes involved in personnel matters.

3 To identify the need for continuous training of personnel, in order to fulfill their responsibilities to provide the necessary information and equipment donatılmalarını. Administrative staff to organize and implement in-service training programs.

4 Service activities, economic, effective and efficient manner, such as human and material resources available to fulfill the most appropriate, to ensure the most efficient use.

7 Unit operating activities, orientation and evaluation of staff and other resources allocated to the unit objectives and to set standards for the future.

8 The volume of the other units in the relationship between staff and between staff working with them disrupted business, to build a harmonious communication and co-operation scheme.

9 To establish an efficient registry and the file system within the unit, carry out and improve.

10th Needed to carry out the activities of the unit are effectively implemented to transfer responsibility and authority to subordinates, retain responsibility and authority for the results.

11th The selection of the elements necessary to carry out the activities of the department, office receipt, promotions and assignments, rewarding and punishing subordinates to examine proposals submitted to it on the movement of staff, assessing authority for approval to offer a top.

12th Transfer of the business and the documents referred to subordinates Presidency, the answer is the preparation of the writings, and the conclusion of daily work to ensure monitoring of the signature.

University of the tasks assigned to it by this Directive legislation and the Constitution, laws, regulations, and in accordance with legislation, such as the fulfillment of their mandate, the use of time is responsible to the Rector.